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Bus Transportation Services to Colchagua Valley

Traveling by bus is  an inexpensive and comfortable way to get from city to city.  The trip from Santiago to Santa Cruz takes 2 1-2 to 3 hours depending on time of day, day of week and traffic.

The cost of a ticket ranges from $2,500 – $5,000 CLP per person ($5 – $10 USD).

There are 2 major bus stops before Santa Cruz including O’Higgins and San Fernando.  The driver will make several small stops along the way as well.

Here is some additional information and tips on bus transportation services to Colchagua Valley to help you with your trip.

Getting to Santa Cruz (Colchagua) from Santiago

For those of you going to Colchagua from Santiago via bus, you’ll want to connect at the Terminal Santiago which is located off the Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. The cost varies depending on the day/time of the week and whether you travel on a holiday.

Very Important!   There are 2 main bus terminals in Central Santiago – one that services the north routes and the other that services the southern routes.  Since you will be traveling south, the terminal that you need is approximately 2 blocks further away from the 1st main terminal.   Once you exit the metro at Universidad de Santiago, you’ll need to head straight for 2 more blocks.

The buses usually provide A/C in the summer and heat during the winter.

Some of the bus lines that service Santiago-Santa Cruz are:
– Jetsur
– Nilahue
– Expreso Santa Cruz

Before purchasing a bus ticket you may want to follow these suggestions:

1) Scout the bus lot to see what buses are available and if they are newer or in good condition (it’s easy to spot one).
2) The sun in Chile is really strong so if you want a great view on the bus ride, be sure to ask for a ticket on the side with shade (curtains tend to be closed on the sunny side of the bus which blocks the view).
3) Avoid sitting near the the back of the bus since the bathrooms are usually located there  (just specify this when you purchase your ticket).
4) Always watch your personal belonging and keep your purses/bags in front of you.
5) Carry small bills in case you end up buying a ticket on the bus.
6) The buses have bathrooms but be sure to bring tissues/toilet paper and some hand sanitizer.

It’s common for vendors to pop on and off the buses selling sweets, soda, water, ice cream, candy, pens, sewing kits, etc.

Terminal Santiago
Address: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 3850
Estación Central, Santiago
Metro Station Universidad de Santiago
Tel: 56 2 376 1750

Santa Cruz Bus Terminal
Address: Rafael Casanova 478, Santa Cruz, Colchagua
Tel: 56 72 2 822 191

San Fernando Bus Terminal
Address: Manso de Velasco S/N, San Fernando, Colchagua
Tel: 56 72 2713 912