A colectivo is a taxi service that is less expensive than a regular taxi. Colectivos run the same route to and from particular neighborhoods. If you don’t mind sharing a ride, other passengers are picked up along the route (unlike a regular taxi). In general, colectivos are quicker than buses and far cheaper than taxis.

There is usually a set price which should be displayed on the colectivos windshield.  Depending on the day and time, a ride costs between $400 – $450 pesos.  A taxi colectivo can also be stopped anywhere along the route. At night, they may take you to a specific address for an additional fee and as long as it’s close to their route.

The taxi colectivos are usually all black unlike a regular taxi which have a yellow top.  They are easy to spot since the route numbers are located on the rooftops.

There are 6 routes for the local taxi colectivos in Santa Cruz.

Payment: Only accept Chilean Pesos accepted – NO CREDIT CARDS