Colchagua Taxi

Taxis and Colectivos in Colchagua

Taxis in Colchagua

Taxis are a popular mode of travel but can be expensive. In Santa Cruz and other cities in Colchagua Valley, taxi drivers can mostly be found around the town center (Plaza de Armas) and at bus terminals.  If you are on the outskirts of town, it may be difficult to find a taxi, however, there are local bus stops along the main routes and buses frequently pass by.

Before taking a taxi you should ask how much the fare is before you agree to the ride to avoid any surprises.

Unlike taxi colectivos – Regular taxis are usually black with a yellow top.

Colectivos in Colchagua

A colectivo is a taxi service that is less expensive than a regular taxi. Colectivos run the same route to and from particular neighborhoods. If you don’t mind sharing a ride, other passengers are picked up along the route (unlike a regular taxi). Colectivos can be quicker than buses and cheaper than taxis.

There is usually a set price which should be displayed on the colectivos windshield.  Depending on the day and time, a ride costs between $400 – $450 pesos.  A taxi colectivo can also be stopped anywhere along the route. At night, they may take you to a specific address for an additional fee and as long as it’s close to their route.

Taxi colectivos are usually all black unlike a regular taxi which have a yellow top.  They are easy to spot since route numbers are located on the rooftops.

There are 6 routes for the local taxi colectivos in Santa Cruz.

Payment: Only accept Chilean Pesos accepted – NO CREDIT CARDS