Viña Estampa

Over a century ago, Don Manuel González Dieguez, a Spanish immigrant, bought a wheat mill located next to the church of Our Lady of Carmen of the Flying Estampa and named it Molino Estampa.

Today, the original grain mill is still in operation, but the newer generation of Don Manuel’s family has put a modern twist on the family business.

Visitors also have the option of simply bi-passing the tour and going directly to the tasting room to sample a variety of Estampa’s wines. You can also pack a lunch to enjoy in the picnic area under the shade of a 50-year-old fig tree.

Estampa Brands

La Cruz

Vina Estampa Wine Tours and Tastings Information

Estampa Visiting Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: Prior reservation only; no walk-ins
Monday: CLOSED

Sunset Bar Hours:
Friday & Saturday (November to April) 7:00pm – 11:00pm



This is a great option if you are only interested in sampling the Estampa wines. You can enjoy a selection of Estampa’s assemblage lines.

Duration: 30 minutes


This tour begins in the nursery vineyard where visitors can learn about each varietal used in the Estampa blends and understand the differences and similarities that each possess with a detailed explanation.  Then visitors are taken on the same journey as they grapes received at each harvest including the harvest receiving area where grapes are selected and pressed and then the winemaking area where the wines are stored and aged in barrels and stainless steel tanks.  And finally, visitors will be taken to the tasting room to sample 1 Fina Reserve wine and 2 Estate wines.

Duration: 1-2 hours


This tour begins in the private reception area where visitors can learn about the winery’s history and the origin of the grapes used for the Estampa wines that originate from the Estampa estates.  The tour proceeds to the harvest reception area where each process of winemaking  is explained in detail.  The tour concludes with a  premium tasting of 2 Estampa wines including the Icon wine LaCruz.

*Minimum group of 2 people required on this tour
*Maximum group 20 people

Duration: 1-2 hours


Be a winemaker for the day and discover the intricacies behind Estampa’s philosophy of Assemblage by blending your own wine in their winery.

This is a fantastic group program that offers a unique hands on experience.

Program includes:
➢ A Tour (does not include wine tasting)
➢ Explanation of activities and delivery of materials
➢ Explanations of wine making techniques and methods
➢ Blending of wines – Create your own wine
➢ Label design and Corking of your own bottle
➢ Voting and Awards given for best Assemblage
➢ Participants keep the wines they created as a memoir

Duration: 3 1/2 hours (appx)

*Minimum group of 6 people required on this tour


Sunset Bar Hours:
Friday & Saturday (November to end of March) 7:00pm – 11:00pm

On Friday and Saturday evenings, Estampa opens its doors to visitors to come and enjoy the winery terraces lounge style bar.  Guests can enjoy the Estampa wines accompanied with locally sourced cheeses and charcuterie boards.  This special program runs from November to the end of March and is a great way to spend your evening in Colchagua Valley.

The menu includes 2 platters – a small and large platter.

*Reservations required in advance

Contact Information:

[list] [list_item icon=”entypo-address”] Viña Estampa, Ruta I-50, Palmilla, Colchagua, Chile [/list_item] [list_item icon=”entypo-phone”] (56 – 2) 202 7000 [/list_item] [list_item icon=”entypo-direction”] [/list_item] [/list]

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