Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant Santa Cruz Colchagua Chile

Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant

Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant at Vina Viu Manent is a very charming and welcoming restaurant with panoramic views of the hills of Apalta and the vineyards in Colchagua Valley.

The menu consists of grilled foods such as meats and fish that guests combine with a variety of side dishes.

Another menu option is the “Buenas Yuntas” (Good Pairings) that suggests the best wines to pair with each dish, such as the grilled salmon with Chilean-style creamed corn served with Viu Manent Reserva Chardonnay, lamb chops and roasted vegetables with Secreto Malbec, or the Chilean classic “Poor Man’s Steak” with Cabernet. Another of Rayuela’s wonderful pairings is fresh oysters on the half shell with Viu Manent Secreto Sauvignon Blanc.

In addition to the new Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant, visitors can stop in to the La Llavería Visitors’ Center, which offers tours, tastings, special programs, horseback riding, an equestrian club, a wine shop, and a café, all of which make Viu Manent a “must” when visiting the best the Colchagua Valley has to offer.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Sunday 12:00PM – 4:30PM

Contact Information:

Vina Viu Manent, Santa Cruz, Colchagua, Chile
Phone: (56 – 2) 840 3180
Email: restaurant@viumanent.cl

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