Horseback Riding Colchagua Chile

Horseback Riding in Colchagua Valley

Join the fun of horseback riding in Colchagua with scenic trails and beautiful views of the valley.  Horseback riding in Colchagua Valley is a great way to view the beautiful Andes Mountains and the majestic scenery of the central valley. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you meander along the trails.

Experienced guides that are knowledgeable and will make sure you don’t miss points of interest and are happy to answer any questions you may have on the region, wildlife, history or other areas of interest.

Here are some wineries that offer this activity.

Ninquén by Horseback at Montgras Winery

Experience a vineyard like never before – up close and personal with nature, where you will see that from up top, things are different. The vineyard on the top of Ninquén Hill offers the opportunity to see another perspective on vine management for premium wine production.

The ride begins at the bottom of Ninquén Hill, guided by their well-trained staff. Riders will observe local flora and fauna on the way to the peak, which provides a spectacular view of the vineyards and the different varieties planted on steep hillsides and on a concave plain that invites guests to learn more about vine management on the hill.

*Prior reservations required

*Please visit MontGras Horseback Riding/ for the most up to date information


Vina Viu Manent Horseback Riding

Vina Viu Manent Horseback Riding program boasts a certified equestrian club, and they offer a one hour tour through their vineyards at the Viu Manent winery.  The rides are led by professional riding guides who are members of the club.

*Prior reservations required

*Please visit Viu Manent for the most up to date information