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Museo de Colchagua

Museo de Colchagua — also called the Colchagua Museum — is the largest private and world renowned museum in Latin America that offers visitors a truly unique experience with a visually and highly informative exhibition about Chilean and South American history. The museum exhibits collections of archaeology and pre-Columbian art of Chile, Peru and Colombia, as well as American history since Conquest (Conquista) until the end of the XIX century..

With more than 18 sections to explore in this extraordinary place, including exhibitions with collections of fossils, the jewels of the Andes with items made by the Olmeca, Maya, Aztec, Moche, Chimu and Incas cultures, and a hall filled with classic automobiles, trains and antique farming machinery, the Museum of Colchagua is an excellent choice for travelers that want to know more about Chilean and South American history.

The Room of the Big Rescue is a new exhibit at the Colchagua Museum which opened in honor of the 33 miners rescued from the Mina San Jose mine in October 2010 after being stuck underground for 2 months. On display are testimonial pieces of those moments lived at Camp Hope (Campamento Esperanza), rescue plans, documentation of searches through bore holes, the communication efforts and details of the three plans drafted to take the 33 miners to the surface from the bottom of the mine.

Museo de Colchagua Visitor Information:

Adults: $7.000 CLP ($10 USD)
Adults over 60: $4,000 CLP ($6 USD)
Children: $3,000 CLP ($4 USD)

Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 7:00pm

Duration of Tour: 3-3/4 hours
*Headsets available for various translations

* Please visit Museo de Colchagua for the most up to date information