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How to get to Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley

There are several ways to get to Colchagua Valley including taking a bus to Santa Cruz and driving by car.  The trip takes 2 1-2 to 3 hours from Santiago depending on the day and time that you leave.

By Bus from Santiago to Santa Cruz Colchagua Chile

Traveling by bus is an inexpensive and comfortable way to get to Colchagua Valley.  From Santiago, you’ll need to go to the South Bus Terminal which is located off the Universidad de Santiago Metro Station.

The cost of a bus ticket (a boleto) varies depending on the day/time of the week and whether you travel on a holiday.  Prices range from $2,500 – $5,000 CLP per person ($5 – $10 USD).

Bus lines that service Santa Cruz are JetSur, Nilahue and Expreso Santa Cruz (see photos).

The bus will drop you off at the Santa Cruz Bus Terminal which is located in town.

Bus Tips

1. The wine tours in Colchagua Valley have a set schedule with tours starting at 10:30 and ending with the last tour at 4:30 pm.   To optimize your trip to Colchagua we advise that you leave Santiago no later than 7:00 am.

2. To get to the South Bus Terminal in Santiago (called Terminal Sur in Spanish), you can take a taxi or the number 1 metro line (red line) to metro stop Universidad de Santiago.

3. If you do decide to take the metro, then as you exit the metro station you will need to walk a block to reach the South Bus Terminal. (see image)

4. The sun is strong in Chile and we advise that when traveling to Santa Cruz in the morning try to reserve a seat on the right side to avoid direct sunlight and enjoy the ride.  When leaving Santa Cruz in the afternoon, the sun will be on your left so make sure to get a seat on the right side again.

Here is more information on Bus Transportation Services to Colchagua Valley.

By Car from Santiago to Santa Cruz Colchagua Chile

From Santiago, take Route 5 South. You’ll pass the cities of Rancagua and San Fernando. Take Route I-50 (Wine Road – Carretera del Vino) which leads to Santa Cruz. Once you are on Route I-50 – Santa Cruz is approximately 41 km (25 miles) away.  You can’t miss the entrance on the left hand side.

Car Tips

1. There are highway tolls between Santiago and Santa Cruz so be sure to have some small Chilean bills and change.

2. To avoid driving through the city of San Fernando we suggest taking the exit that is marked “Santa Cruz – Pichilemu” Carretera del Vino.  The exit is 2 exits after passing the large San Fernando sign.

3. The I-50 highway from San Fernando to Santa Cruz is a two-lane highway.  Drivers tend to speed and bypass other drivers so be cautionary.  If you need to make a turn left from the highway it is advisable to go to the right shoulder and wait for clearance to turn left.