Transportation in Colchagua Chile

Transportation in Colchagua

Private Transportation Services

Need a personal driver for the day or just a few hours? If you are looking for a personalized transportation package custom-built to your specifications, we can help you… here is more information on Private Transportation Services

Bus Services

Buses are by far the most popular form of long-distance transportation in Chile.  The bus system is efficient and provides an inexpensive and comfortable way to get from city to city. For those of you traveling to Colchagua from Santiago, you’ll want to go to the Bus Terminal in Santiago… here is more information on Bus Services

Airplane and Helicopter Tours

Let us help you arrange for private and exclusive airplane and helicopter tours that combine quality, luxury, and comfort.

Colchagua Valley’s wine country has become a popular wine tourist destination and the quickest and most convenient way to get to Colchagua is by private airplane and helicopter… here is more information on Airplane and Helicopter Tours

Santiago Airport Transfers to and from Colchagua

We can arrange for Airport Transfers to and from Santa Cruz to Santiago International Airport (Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport)… here is more information on Airport Transfers

Taxis and Colectivos

Taxis are located mostly in town centers (Plaza de Armas) and/or at bus terminals so they are usually easy to find.  If you are on the outskirts, it may be difficult to find a taxi.  Taxis are usually black with a yellow top.

A colectivo is a “group taxi” which is much less expensive than a regular taxi.  They follow a regular route and will fill the car with passengers. There is usually a set price which should be displayed on the windshield but it does vary depending… here is more information on Taxis and Colectivos